Window Security Mesh

The window security mesh is an important element that can add to the safety of your house. It covers all the parts of the windows that are vulnerable and can make it easy for an intruder to break in. Moreover, a window security mesh can add to the architectural elegance of your home place. Let’s review one of the best window security mesh units available on today’s market which is GriffinGuard® from Access & Security Systems Ltd.If you are searching for maximum window protection, Access & Security Systems Ltd has the right product that meets your need. GriffinGuard® looks as if it is an elegant tinted window, except that it is an armored security screen with a stainless steel window security mesh. The frame of the mesh is made from Aluminum with beading that covers all the attack surface’s fixings. The frame comes in a wide array of colors. The mesh is made from chromed stainless steel that is highly corrosion resistant, as compared to other galvanized products.GriiffinGuard is a mesh that is designed to easily blend with the architectural style of your house while acting as an efficient visual deterrent. Moreover, GriffinGuard is a powerful security mesh that prevents vandalism, burglary and noise. The window security mesh can be tailored to fit any window size and provide maximum protection and security measures. The GriffinGuard allows about 60% of the sun rays through it; thus, it provides maximum security with minor alterations to the workplace environment.The mesh from Access & Security System Ltd comes with a fire escape that is easy and quick to release. Hinges can be added to the security mesh which simplifies window cleaning. The anti-graffiti finish option of the GriffinGuard allows graffiti paints to bead off rather than stick when removed by the cleaning kit that come with the anti-graffiti finished window security mesh.Although the chromed stainless steel window mesh is very strong, it is rather thin. Moreover, it is less liable to rusting than other similar products that are present on the market. Other security meshes that are made from galvanized products are less corrosion resistant and fail the salt spraying corrosion test, because the punching processes, used in manufacturing galvanized products, leads to steel exposure which increases the incidence of rusting. On the other hand, the window security mesh from Access & Security System Ltd is manufactured using punching techniques that have no effect on the chromed stainless steel.The GriffinGuard can be tailored to fit almost every window size. The maximum size of a single window security mesh is 2.6 meters by 2.5 meters. However, larger windows are secured using multiple window meshes joined together. Perfect optical illusion can be offered by a matt black that is non-reflective; thus, giving a stylish look while ensuring security and protection against damage.The window mesh from Access & Security Systems Ltd is the perfect choice to ensure maximum security of your windows plus providing an elegant look to the outside of your house.

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